Your receivables management expert

GFKL Financial Services AG is one of the leading providers of receivables management services. Around 950 employees look after receivables volumes of approximately EUR 16.6bn. GFKL’s offer is geared towards business groups, banks, insurance companies, utility companies,

telecommunications companies and public institutions as well as SME companies. GFKL’s competency in receivables management comprises a wide portfolio and high quality standards. Repeatedly, Standard & Poor’s have awarded the highest Servicer ranking in Germany: “Strong, Outlook Stable”.

Debt Collection

GFKL – Your expert for successful debt collection

GFKL is one of the leading debt collection experts, offering successful handling of various types of claims, from unsecured claims in bulk business to claims secured by real estate assets. We will support you through the stages of dunning, collection by phone and online, all the way to litigation, enforcement and long-term monitoring. Our expert knowledge of the industry, paired with efficient, automated processes lets us achieve high recovery rates, while customer retention is always in the focus of our actions. How can you benefit from GFKL? Reduce your costs and resources, increase your liquidity and improve your company’s balance sheet.

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International debt collection

High recovery ratios in international collection

While the collection of outstanding receivables is not an easy task by itself, international collection confronts creditors with major challenges. With more than 30 years of experience in cross-border collection, GFKL is a strong partner for international collection in Germany. Thanks to our network, which comprises more than 100 countries and enables us to overcome distances, language barriers and the obstacles imposed by different legal systems, we are able to achieve high collection volumes on your behalf.

Benefit from the advantages of our worldwide network and turn your international claims into liquidity!

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Portfolio management

Receivables portfolios: valuation, acquisition and servicing

Large loan or receivables portfolios require particular experience and expertise. In addition to large numbers of claims, they often contain large sums as well. GFKL has had decades of experience in the valuation (Due Diligence) and acquisition of portfolios as well as servicing. Before acquiring a portfolio, we analyse the claims in order to identify an adequate purchase price. Our clients benefit from our know-how as a servicer to various industries (banks, real estate, telecommunication, etc.) throughout all steps in the process, e.g. data migration into the buyer’s system, liquidation strategies as well as management of receivables, data and securities.

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Outsourcing increases both productivity and your results

Receivables management, dunning and debt collection tie up resources and reduce the revenues generated by your core business. Outsourcing represents an opportune and economical solution. GFKL offers to take over large portfolios, individual steps in the process, e.g. dunning, or entire departments. The latter involves the socially acceptable takeover of employees at their current location. In particular in the real estate segment, GFKL is your outsourcing partner and service provider for tailor-made solutions for the takeover and handling of large volumes. Our core business is the processing of non-performing loans (NPL).

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Purchase of receivables

GFKL acquires outstanding receivables in bulk business

Compared against returns, the recovery of outstanding receivables often requires disproportionate amounts of work. Dunning letters, follow-up phone calls and legal action do not pay off if the expense spent exceeds the amount recovered – quite often this is the reason why companies simply write off their claims. GFKL has a wealth of experience in the acquisition of outstanding receivables – ranging from small receivables from bulk business to large individual claims or entire portfolios. Your benefits include immediate liquidity from the sale of claims, relief from the burden of collection work and the release of resources for your core business.

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Credit information

Credit information prevents defaults in payment

GFKL provides reliable credit information to help you separate solvent from insolvent customers or defaulters at an early stage, thus protecting you from defaults in payment which can be prevented. We access data from several leading national and international credit enquiry agencies and provide you with a wealth of information on national and international companies as well as private customers. Long-term monitoring of your business partners is essential in B2B in order to allow you to react promptly to any deterioration in payment morale or to make informed decisions on potential expansion of business. 

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Data management

Data management for successful control of customer relationships

Customer data is valuable, as it forms the basis of decision processes that are geared towards particular target groups. Thanks to its vast experience and effective analytical methods, GFKL will provide you with comprehensive assessments of your customers in order to protect you from defaults in payment or enable you to benefit from unused potential. Reviewing your address data for correctness and validity will increase your delivery ratio. We will provide you with data on your current customers in order to identify fluctuations in their credit standing and put you in a position to adjust credit lines and terms of delivery and payment. We will process your data on new clients to let you assess their payment patterns and credit standing realistically

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E-commerce solutions

Fewer defaults in payment through secure solutions for ordering processes

The need to turn growing traffic in online shops into an effective increase in sales and higher conversion rates puts increasingly higher requirements on efficient e-commerce solutions. While certain payment options – in particular payment against invoice – boost sales, they bear higher lost-debt risks for the shop operator. Our products ClientMatching, OrderCheck and PayProtect control your order processes in the background in real time. Lost-debt risks are assessed and thus reduced.

Let our intelligent e-commerce solutions drive your sales, and benefit from reduced lost-debt risks on your e-commerce platforms!

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Individual request

You have a specific task – we will offer a tailor-made solution!

Did you not find your specific task in our service portfolio? No problem! We will be glad to adapt our services to tailor an individual solution for you.

GFKL is one of the leading receivables management companies and a strong partner who is familiar with many different industries. We have already mastered numerous challenges and task in the field of receivables and risk management – we will be happy to assist you as well!

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